Thursday, December 25, 2003

Holy the Firm - by Annie Dillard

Looks like a book I'll have to read again

I just picked out three books to start reading. I knew Steinbeck's The Pearl and Lewis' The Problem of Pain would satisfy me in their interrelatedness, but I did not know that Dillard's Holy the Firm would add meaningfully to that set. Having never read anything by Annie Dillard before, I decided to start there.

You really should read this book. It is amazing.

Don't be fooled by Annie Dillard's apparent stream of consciousness. She has something she wants to say, and an amazing way she wants to say it. Perhaps it is less something she wants to say and more a series of hard questions she wants to ask. And you cannot help but be drawn into the asking. In Holy the Firm, the author explores ultimate reality, God's (and gods') relationship to that reality, pain and suffering, and dead moths. Read it. And you'll probably want to (or need to) read it again.

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