Sunday, January 09, 2005

Books for 2005

What will I read this year?

Before going into 2005, I was able to spend some serious retreat time with some fellow pastors going through the Focusing Leaders material from CRM. It was really amazing and invigorating. Among other things, I defined some of my big picture roles and goals for 2005. Included in some of those goals are books that I need to read.

Here are some of them:

1 Book on Family Christianity
Adventist Home - by Ellen G. White (compilation)

6 Devotional Classics
The Pursuit of God - by A. W. Tozer
Steps to Christ - by Ellen G. White
Practicing the Presence of God - by Brother Lawrence
(And 3 others not yet chosen. If you have suggestions, leave a comment.)

3 Biographies of Entrepreneurs
(No titles chosen yet. Please feel free to suggest some.)

1 Book on Learning Styles
(Title not yet chosen. Again, feel free to suggest one.)

1 Book on Rhetoric and Persuasion
(Title not yet chosen. Any suggestions?)

1 Book on Christian Education
Education - by Ellen G. White

6 Books on Team Leadership
The Power of Team Leadership - by George Barna
Doing Church as a Team - by Wayne Cordeiro
The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork - by John C. Maxwell
(3 other titles not yet chosen. Feel free to suggest.)

There they are. I'm certain I will be reading others, but I really need to get through the ones on this list. As you can see, I haven't chosen all of the titles yet. Please feel free to let me know your suggestions for these categories.

Thanks. And have a blessed 2005!

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